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Uganda is known as the pearl of Africa due to its incredible mother nature, Uganda is known to have the African buffaloes also known as “cape buffaloes “.The African buffalo or Cape buffalo is a large Sub-Saharan African bovine. Two subspecies of buffalo exist in Uganda – the larger savannah buffalo and the smaller forest buffalo and these live in two types of groups – family herds, which contain mainly females and calves; and bachelor herds reaching a height of 165cm (65”) at the shoulder and weighing in at 680kg (1500lbs), it is no wonder that the enormous Cape buffalo is one of Africa’s “Big Five”. Buffaloes are mostly seen on lakes and swampy areas wallowing in mud or water – making them easy to view at close range during a launch trip or even during a game drive. Buffaloes are herbivorous animals which feed on grass and they have unpredictable nature of behavior therefore making it dangerous for human beings at any time.

Facts about Cape Buffaloes.

  • Buffaloes have a poor eyesight and hearing but with an incredible sense of smelling.
  • Buffaloes rarely have twins.
  • Buffaloes kill hunters more than any other wild animals.
  • Buffaloes are large and they may reach6.8-11feet in length.
  • Buffaloes weigh between 660-1900 pounds.
  • Buffaloes are truly good swimmers.
  • Buffaloes are dangerous as they are referred to as “Black death”.

However in Uganda Buffaloes can be found at Lake Mburo National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park and lastly Kidepo Valley National Park.


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